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Don't s-tampon our rights (sorrynotsorry)

Laura Coryton must be feeling pretty buzzed today, as her years-long campaign to abolish the so-called 'tampon tax' has finally seen its ambitions met. 

The 5% VAT rate, reserved for "non-essential" items (pause for indignant laughter about sanitary products being a nice-to-have indulgence) was scrapped as the world entered 2021. 

This is, of course, a fantastic outcome. What is galling, however, is the insistence of some Tory Brexiters* to frame it as a direct result of leaving the EU when many of them voted to keep it in 2015!

It's also disingenuous to suggest we would not have been able to negotiate this as an EU member. If you're facing this argument with any Brexiters, this resource is for you.

Girls and women shouldn't struggle to buy adequate sanitary products and we can learn from countries like Scotland, the first in the world to make period products available for free in educational facilities such as schools and universities. 

 If you're looking to donate to a charity that fights period poverty, check out Freedom4Girls who: 

"...work to support those who menstruate by challenging the stigmas, taboos and gender inequalities associated with menstruation. We do this by providing education, providing period products, promoting product choice and supporting environmentally and financially sustainable options."

* If you'd like to express your disdain for the biggest, most incompetent one of them all, might we suggest you do so with a fashion statement (from yours truly).

A white t-shirt with an illustration of Boris Johnson next to the words 'Eton Mess'
(Main blog photo by Josefin on Unsplash)

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