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K, Babe Recommends - The Ultimate Gift Guide

Ho-ho-holy crap, it's nearly Christmas! How did this happen? One minute you're drinking a midday, 'acceptable-cos-it's-lockdown' Bloody Mary in the uncharacteristically sunny British summer; the next, your neighbour's putting fairy lights up (bit early, Sandra, but you do you). 

If you're getting gifting nerves, fear not! We've put together this handy little gift guide for the loved ones in your life. Our prezzie list includes a selection of items from our own fair store, as well as a few must-haves from other small businesses. So, without further ado... 

For the political pal

A white t-shirt laid out, with an illustration of Boris Johnson next to the words 'Eton Mess'

OK guys. Now that the Biden/Harris campaign has won the US (woohoo!), the UK is now the shit one again because we still have BJ as our PM (sick face emoji). If you think he and his government have made a hash out of pretty much everything, you might like our 'Eton Mess' tee. At £15.99 (plus roughly £3 shipping), it's a great gift for your gobby leftie pal (good on 'em).

Please note, the cut off for Xmas delivery for this item is 6th December. 

For the disability advocate

Since our disabled pinup girl designs burst onto the scene, they've been super popular, demonstrating the need for and power of diversity and representation. As well as our range of t-shirts, we've also made the designs available to buy as prints, starting from just £8. This one is our Rockabilly Girl design, depicting a fierce fifties female with tattoos and a prosthetic leg. 

Please note, the cut off for Xmas delivery for this item is 6th December. 

For the rebellious type

A grey jumper with the words 'rebel rebel' in black and a lightning bolt going through them
Our best-selling 'Rebellious' jumpers are super soft and make one hell of a statement. And now, they're available in a variety of colour combinations. Keep warm, stay cool for £38. 
For the Spice Girls lover

Ah, the Spice Girls. As a band, they provided a wealth of advice and wisdom to millions of young women. Personally, I learnt that hip hop is harder than the flamenco and the lambada, and it's appropriate to moonwalk the foxtrot and polka the salsa (not to be confused with poking the salsa, which is a dinner party hosting faux pas). But I also learnt about girl power. This cute hooded sweatshirt featured an embroidered heart holding those very words. At £32, they're a good gift price, and you have a choice of grey or navy too! 

For the Grinch of the family 


Tell 'em like it is! We've all got a mardy sibling who's not actually that into Christmas (in our family, it's me!) Lean into it with our plus-size slogan tee. Available in sizes 18 - 26, it's a bargain at £12.99. 

For the traditional Christmas lover

If they own a wrapping paper storage box and go bonkers over baubles then they're probably a Christmas traditionalist. Our snuggy, soft 'Star-Gazing' jumpers are available in back or white and are adorned with textured silver stars. Like all the best Christmas jumpers, it's subtle enough for you to wear all year round (sorry, novelty flashing-nose reindeer jumpers). Pick one up for just £35. 

For lounging around

Treat yourself - or a loved one - to a pair of luxurious cotton joggers with silver side stripes and a comfy elasticated waistband with draw chord. Who said you couldn't lounge around eating Roses on Boxing Day and still look cute? Our Farley joggers will let you loosen that waistband while still picking up style points. It's a Christmas miracle! 

For the chronic illness warrior 

This little beauty of a tee is from Etsy seller HippoAndKelpie. It reads, "She believed she could but she was really tired so she didn't" (relatable) and the design features a blue ribbon to represent Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/CFS (people with ME/CFS have overwhelming fatigue that is not improved by rest). At under £20, we think it's a great prezzie. 
For a wheelchair-using friend
If you're shopping for someone who uses a wheelchair, FFORA should be on your must-shop list! Their 'Essentials Set' gives you everything you need to attach a range of things to your chair, from their gorgeous bags to their sleek cupholders. It's compatible with more than 180 brands of wheelchair too. 
For a pal with a stoma bag
An image of a black ostomy bag cover with an embroidered Cookie Monster patch
Our final gift idea is ideal for anyone who has an ostomy bag. Etsy seller SarahsSewingShed has a bunch of cute, funny covers, including this handmade Cookie Monster one for £8.99. With a whole load of positive reviews about quality and design, you can't go wrong. 
Happy shopping, everyone! 

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