About us

K, Babe is the feisty little sister of Kintsugi Clothing, an inclusive clothing label founded in Manchester in 2018. 

These two siblings have a lot in common - a passion for diversity and inclusion within the fashion industry and a desire to uplift and advocate for disabled people everywhere. 

But, like Wills and Harry, they also have some differences. Kintsugi's focus is inclusive and adaptive must-haves, including smart, sustainable workwear that's elegant, functional and fashionable. 

K, Babe, meanwhile, channels the values of the city it was born in. It's a brand focused on protest and empowerment. Its name is an homage to the eye-rolling, dismissive reaction given by legends everywhere when confronted by inane insults from small-minded people. "K, babe". 

Our apparel and accessories are all about giving the middle finger, challenging societal misconceptions - particularly those surrounding disability, sexuality and gender - and being unashamedly feminist. We're from the city of the Suffragettes, after all. 

So, if you're done with being diplomatic and fancy shrugging off the shackles of having to be 'polite', we'd love for you to join our journey!